Getting started with Reaper basics. HELP! cant record
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Opened Reaper.
I inserted 2 tracks,
-set one to left and one to right
-armed them to record
-checked that the MBR line out signal was good (tested with earphones)
-patched my Micro Br from the line out to the computer line in using a cord with stereo 1/8" jacks.
-The computer recognized it as line in.
-set Reaper to record and the MBR to play
1.Reaper recorded both tracks, but playback is not in stereo. IOW altho I can monitor it in stereo during record, it records 2 identical mono tracks that contain a mix (the wave forms also look identical). Like switching a stereo playback to mono.
I had the same problem with Audacity.-is my sound card not capable of recording stereo?
I can play MP3's in stereo and if I bring in separate waves in Audacity I can playback stereo by panning)
2. there is random "popping" or occasional crackling on playback.
3.It sounds as if there is a phase shifter installed.(computer not capable of handling the input?)
What am I missing? Seems like the engines are running but I can't get this plane off the ground.
I don't know why it's recording in mono. Maybe Flash Harry knows. But I think recording your Micro BR this way is the wrong approach. What you should do instead is export the desired tracks from your Micro BR using BR Wave Converter. Then import those wave files into Reaper. That way, you avoid the unnecessary digital-to-analog conversion in the Micro BR, and the subsequent analog-to-digital conversion in your sound card.

Yes and thanks 64.
I was doing this as a test for recording direct to a DAW.
The final goal is (I was hoping) to use my Korg 1200 as a mixer and using its' master out to get stereo tracks of the mix. (up to 4 inputs)
I would probably record one track at a time anyway, but would have no way to sync subsequent tracks in order to play along.
I have been doing as you say - into Audacity- IOW Imported waves from the MBR with the wonderful BR Wave converter. (Love it!) and then mixed and cleaned in Audacity.
But then I had to take them back to the Korg or the MBR for FX and mastering and MP3s.
Essentially I was just cleaning the tracks in Audacity and the ping pong-ing back and forth is tiresome and was hoping to do it all directly into Reaper using the Korg or the MBR as a mixer(with the FX benefits built in).
Does this make sense?
How else would you input tracks directly to the DAW?
Are these just wrong assumptions?
I might be trying to do things the hard way.
Is it better, for the reason you mention, to do the tracks in the Korg or the MBR and export Wavs as I have been than trying to multi track directly to Reaper? (the Korg Wav export process is painful)
A friend has Protools with an M-Box "mixer" that plugs in to his laptop and that's it!! No bouncing around and swapping file formats etc. He just multi tracks directly with the DAW and then edits and masters etc right there.
Seems very simple, but $800 plus maybe a new Apple laptop seems a bit much if I can do it with what I have. He paid $2500 I think in the end for the hookup simplicity but feels Protools is too complex.
Actually having said it all, if there is no other way than flipping back and forth from hardware to software, $800 is sounding not so bad. (no guarantee my computer will handle it in the end so maybe a new computer too. sigh)
Hey Glenn,

the answer about the best way to do this - and what other hardware you need - really depends on how you want to use your MBR & Reaper..........

Do you mean that you've recorded on the MBR and just want to export the final stereo track to Reaper to edit, tidy, add fx, master and export - Or do you mean you want to be able to plug your MBR into your pc, plug your guitar into the MBR and play through the MBR using the built in effects to record directly to Reaper?

They'll require different solutions.

Reaper is a great program and runs without any issue for reasonable sized projects on my little net book - 1.6ghz, 1Gb ram and xp sp3 - so I shouldn't worry about a new pc yet! It also has great fx plugins included.

Now I record everything on one of my machines (MBR (basic stuff) or Korg 1200( more elaborate, more controls, faders etc)) and then export WAV files to the DAW.
Then I tweak the tracks and send them back for FX, mixing and mastering.
Then out to an MP3. (easy with the MBR but not possible with the Korg so I bounce thru the master out to the MBR and then to MP3)
It just seems a lot of back and forth.
I'd rather go directly to the DAW with option of different inputs and do it all there.
I'm thinking if I can use the Korg with it's 2 mic inputs, and 2 other 1/4" inputs or 4 -1/4" inputs as a mixer, I could have the Korgs FX thru to the master and into the DAW?
This bypasses the record process in the Korg and avoids having to make wavs there which is very slow and awkward. (It was designed to do CD's directly, not hook to a computer).
It does have a digital out but it's a SPDIF in out, (and MIDI in and out), and there is no conversion cables to the DAW from there that work.
IOW I can't plug into the Korg SPDIF out and into the USB of the computer to go direct Digitally.
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