BR-864 SMF Import

The BR-864 can load Standard MIDI Files (SMFs) as Drum Patterns. Because of memory limitations, I recommend loading only one drum pattern at a time. If you try to load several patterns with SMFs, you'll get a Memory Full error. You can copy as many MIDI files as you like to your Compact Flash card (provided it has enough room) but you should only load one at a time into a pattern. When you want to choose a different MIDI file, just re-use the same pattern to avoid the Memory Full error.
  1. Connect the BR-864 to your PC with a USB cable and put the BR-864 into Backup Mode.
  2. In Windows Explorer, copy as many MIDI files as you like to the ROLAND\SMF folder.
  3. Exit from Backup mode.
  4. Set the Rhythm Guide to Pattern Mode (ARRANGE/PATTERN/OFF button is flashing). The display should look something like this:

      [NAME] [COPY] [>

    The 'P' indicates that a Preset pattern is currently selected.
  5. Move the cursor to the 'P' (left-most character on top line) and turn the TIME/VALUE wheel clockwise to change it to 'S'. Now the display should look like this:

      [NAME] [COPY] [>
  6. Press the PROGRAM button. The display changes to:

      [REAL] [STEP] [>
  7. Press the CURSOR right key until you see [SMF] and select it by pressing ENTER. The display will look something like this (your MIDI filename of course will be different):

      SELECT SMF [<-]
  8. Turn the TIME/VALUE wheel to scroll through your MIDI files and select the one you want by pressing ENTER. The display changes to:

  9. Turn the TIME/VALUE wheel to select the song pattern you want to import your MIDI file into and press ENTER. S001 is fine unless you're already using it for something else which you want to keep. The display changes to:

      Keep power on
      SMF Importing..

    It may take a couple of minutes to import the file. When it's finished, the display changes back to:

      SELECT SMF [<-]
  10. Press EXIT twice to return to play mode.
  11. Press PLAY to hear the pattern. You may need to adjust the tempo.

If you want to select a different MIDI file, make sure the Rhythm Guide is still in Pattern Mode (ARRANGE/PATTERN/OFF switch is flashing) and repeat steps 6 through 11.